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Massage Postcards

Well-executed postcards in a direct mail campaign can be one of the best returns-on-investment for your massage business. When it comes to smaller massage salons, in particular, a compelling campaign that's expertly focused on your target audience can pay off big in a rapid influx of new customers. The trick is to do this affordably and easily.

Massage therapy is a rapidly growing segment of the beauty industry, but that also means it's getting crowded out there. To rise above the crowd, consider using the services of BBT4Salons--the first marketing company created specifically for the small massage, hair, nail, skin, or tanning salon. Our many years in advertising and marketing led us to see that this area was in need of an inexpensive and smart solution in order to stay competitive.

Find the Perfect Massage Postcards for Your Business
That's why our professional team has created a variety of well-researched and expertly designed campaigns of direct mail postcards just for you. Just browse to see the postcards we've created for each segment of the industry. You'll note the attractive images, whether photos or illustrations, and the copy that speaks directly to your prospective customers. Combined with your logo and a compelling offer from your massage business, these postcards go a long way toward improving your bottom line.

Give a focused audience a chance to see the benefits of visiting your massage business. Within 72 hours of ordering your postcards, your first mailing will be winging its way to your new customers. BBT4Salons is here and ready to help your massage business thrive. If you have any questions, just call us at 1.888.8UseBBT (888.887.3228) or drop us an email today at

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